Monday, November 17, 2014

The Sarcasm Report v.194

November 17, 2014
Yahoo Finance: Bull market needs no taming

He's coined the term "TINA" [there is no alternative] when describing stocks, telling Yahoo Finance, “with ultra low interest rates, with ultra low inflation, there is no alternative. It’s a TINA market and you can still buy despite being in the sixth year of a bull market.”

1. TINA!
2. There is no alternative!
3. There is no alternative!
4. TINA!

I feel kind of silly for asking, but are there any alternatives?

Although Smith counts stocks, which in his view are reasonably valued, as his top investment choice, he admits U.S. government debt is not a bad bet either. “Relative to other sovereign debt, the U.S. Treasury looks darn good at 2.36%. When you look at the German Bund at 0.8% or Italian or Spanish debt that is below our 10-Year Treasury yield that is remarkable.”

This concludes the sarcasm report.


dearieme said...

"He's coined the term "TINA" [there is no alternative] ": coined it, my foot. It was a much-used joke back in Mrs Thatcher's time.

Stagflationary Mark said...


So you are basically saying that there is an alternative version of his TINA out there?

Is nothing about this theory sacred? Hahaha! That's just priceless!! :)