Thursday, April 21, 2016

Honeywell CEO Will Be Disappointed

April 21, 2016
Honeywell CEO: Here Are the Three Things I Most Want to Be Remembered For

"Dave is the best there is -- he has created a tremendous amount of wealth, what a record," said Jim Cramer, TheStreet's founder and portfolio manager of the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio.

Unfortunately for Dave, this is now how I will always remember him. He's one of the great ones. You know, just like Cramer's Lenny Dykstra.

June 20, 2010
The Sarcasm Report v.52

I think that people don't think of Lenny as sophisticated, but I am telling you Bernie, that not only is he sophisticated but he's one of the great ones in this business. He's one of the great ones. - Jim Cramer

If I didn't know any better, I would tell you that everything you hear from Lenny is an act, because there is just no way that you would ever feel like he's as smart as he really is. - Jim Cramer

Where is Lenny now you might ask? Well, that's a good question and it deserves a good answer.

December 20, 2015
Lenny Dykstra Plays Bad Santa At Strip Club

“This sure beats a six-by-ten prison cell,” the 52-year-old former centerfielder told reporters on Vivid’s rooftop lounge.

It's good to see Lenny finally back on his feet after pleading guilty in 2012 to money laundering, bankruptcy fraud and concealment of assets.

Dave and Lenny. Lenny and Dave. Two of Jim Cramer's great ones. That's how I will always remember them now. ;)

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