Monday, April 25, 2016

Transgender Bathroom Thoughts

I'm a 51-year old male.

Number of times I've been uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a transgender person? Zero. Maybe I've shared a bathroom. Maybe I haven't. I have no idea. Nobody was ever advertising. Heck, I don't even make eye contact with the person next to me at a urinal, much less check out their equipment. I know. Shocking. And what goes on in an actual bathroom stall is none of my business either, nor do I ever want it to be.

Number of times I've been uncomfortable in a gym locker room due to an overweight naked man attempting to use the hand air dryer to dry his bottom while simultaneously sprawling over the sink's counter to position himself properly? One. There are just some things that once seen, cannot be unseen, lol. Sigh.

I'm dead serious. It happened a few months ago at my gym. I had just finished showering and was planning to exit my curtained stall when I spotted it in the corner of my eye. I decided to continue showering for a few more minutes instead. You know, until the "danger" passed.

In my opinion, the transgender bathroom issue is a solution in search of a problem. Aren't there enough problems in the world already? Must we really invent more?

As a side note, I did not report the naked man. As a generally shy and reserved person in everyday life (anonymous blog postings notwithstanding), I was uncomfortable but he was clearly not. You know, maybe that was my problem. And even then, I found it very amusing. It was the first thing I wanted to talk about when I got home. "You'll never guess what happened at the gym!" I couldn't share the story without laughing. So what actual harm was done? Hahaha! :)

Live and let live.


Anonymous said...


It's not the LGBT sharing the bathroom that's the issue. It's the heterosexual pedofile/ pervert going into the women's restroom that's the issue. Think it won't happen?

Just last week there was a guy in downtown Charlotte running around trying to take upskirt pictures of women walking on public streets. Can you imagine what's likely to happen when these type of perverts can freely access the women's restroom?

Stagflationary Mark said...


Perhaps taking upskirt pictures should be the crime. Similarly, perhaps taking pictures under bathroom stalls should be the crime.

Male pedophiles with a preference for young boys already have access to men's restrooms. How would you propose we stop them?

Perhaps bathrooms stalls will adapt, so that true privacy while within is achieved.

Why do American toilet cubicles have so little privacy?

I've wondered the same thing.

Teri said...

I was in the main library in Portland OR back in February. I was in the restroom and saw a guy come in, as I was walking out. It was clearly a guy, dressed as a woman. I do understand the idea that it must be tough on guys like that to use the men's restroom. I can deal with sharing a restroom with them if they mind their own business. I agree that the laws should be to prevent deviant behavior.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I can deal with sharing a restroom with them if they mind their own business.

We could permanently put a stop to wars if everyone would behave that way.

Sharing and minding one's own business. What a plan!!