Saturday, April 16, 2016

Two Things Corporations Can Do with Eternally-Cheap Dollars!

April 15, 2016
Fed is Bluffing on Rate Hikes

So the market could still pull off that feat of new highs right into economic and earnings weakness -- especially since the giant corporate “BuyBack Machine” can still vacuum up shares with eternally-cheap dollars.

Vacuum up those shares with eternally-cheap dollars! Woohoo!

Hey! Do you know what else corporations can do with eternally-cheap dollars? Pay decent wages, of course! Hurray! Everybody wins!

April 12, 2016
American Apparel lays off hundreds of workers and considers outsourcing some manufacturing

The main problem is that it’s difficult to pay workers decent wages...

What? If dollars are as eternally-cheap as is claimed, then why aren't they being given out like candy to the workers of America? Makes no sense! Other than American Apparel's recent bankruptcy caused by excessive debt and lack of eternally-cheap dollars, what am I missing?

Eternally-cheap dollars my @$$. That's the kind of thing a used car dealer tells you to make a sale. Trade those eternally-cheap dollars for this eternally-cheap car! Can't lose!

No, seriously. This cheap car runs fine, on the level. And when I say on the level, I really mean don't take it on any hills. The brakes are shot and the engine can't take the strain, lol. Sigh.

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