Friday, April 8, 2016

The Perfect Stock for My Portfolio

April 7, 2016
4 Growth Stocks to Buy Near Their 52-Week Lows

Discovery Laboratories Inc. DSCO is a development-stage pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing compounds to treat respiratory diseases. The loss estimate of the company for the current year has narrowed by 50.3% on the back of a positive estimate revision, in the last 30 days. This signals healthy recovery going ahead. The stock carries a Zacks Rank #2 and a growth score of B. The stock currently trades at 1.7% of its 52-week high minus low range.

They left out the best part.

According to Yahoo Finance, adjusted for dividends and splits, the stock trades at just 0.024% of its first closing price on August 7, 1995. Rarely will you find such an impressive entry point for a growth stock that's been around for more than 20 years.

Oops. I did not mean to imply that was the best part. No, sir. The best part was when I searched for "Discovery Laboratories"  in Google to find out more about the company. You'll never guess what I found. Just below the link to their website, Google offers a bit of additional information.

This site may be hacked.

I clicked on Google's warning link to find out more.

You'll see the message "This site may be hacked" when we believe a hacker might have changed some of the existing pages on the site or added new spam pages. If you visit the site, you could be redirected to spam or malware.

The message was there yesterday and it is still there today. This is exactly what I am looking for in an investment. It inspires such confidence! Pick up some malware, invest in a $2.50 stock that's had more reverse splits than a gymnast overdosing on cocaine, then sit back and watch the profits roll in. What could possibly go wrong? Hahaha! Genius!

This may prove to be a fantastic investment for extreme risk takers, but this cautious retiree will opt out. No big shocker there, of course. Go figure.

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