Friday, June 1, 2012

The "Free Lunch" Weight Loss Plan v.012

I'm still counting on seasonal effects to reverse winter's upward trend. In support of that theory, my weight was stable this month and I have just slipped below the 90 day moving average.

It is tempting to set my new goal to be the S&P 500 divided by 6. That would put my current weight target at 213 (1278 / 6). It is certainly doable in the short-term. I could fast this weekend and get there no problem. There are a couple of downsides though.

1. I'd have to change the name to The Hexed Rubicon Weight Loss Plan.
2. I'd be at risk of losing too much weight if the stock market continues to decline.
3. If the S&P 500 miraculously rose to 1500, then I'd have to glutton myself on all that new prosperity.

No, I think I'll just continue to climb 20 extra flights of stairs every day and let nature take its course. It's probably more sustainable over the long-term.

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Troy said...

189.5 to 187.5 here

Last time I lost 2 lbs/week rate, but 2lbs/month is good too.

The first entry in my spreadsheet is 6/9/11, at 233.0. My peak this cycle was 243 or so, and in 2008 I actually dieted down 240 to 220 over 3 months but the physical stress of day-trading my IRA that fall pushed me off the wagon.

90% to the goal (233 to 182). The only metric that means anything now is my one surviving pair of college-era 501s -- about 2" of belly loss away from physically fitting and 4" away from how they fit back in the day.

Note to self: when pants get too tight, get with the program.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Well done!