Saturday, November 1, 2014

Attention Small Businesses: The 1990s Are Over (Musical Tribute)

The following chart shows proprietors' income as a percentage of GDP.

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Chalk up one more exponential trend failure. As seen in the chart, there seems to be serious resistance at the 7.5% level (again).

October 14, 2014
U.S. small business confidence declines in September: NFIB

(Reuters) - U.S. small business optimism fell in September as more owners said they expected a slowdown in profits and sales, tightening credit conditions and a harder time filling job openings, according to a survey released on Tuesday.


The survey suggests weaker job creation as those surveyed said they planned to hire fewer workers and spend less on capital investments.

Oops. I'm preaching to the choir. Small businesses already seem to realize that something's amiss. Sorry about that!

We may need to quarantine small businesses lest they infect the larger public corporations. We wouldn't want to have to put the stock market down out behind the woodshed again!

But hey, it isn't all bad.

Catchy tune! Everyone seems so happy!

Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Custom Chart


Anonymous said...

Small business owners are more concerned with preserving capital than growth. I'd guess the average
ago of the owners is rising also.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I too am more concerned with preserving capital than growth.

It's partly because I'm retired and getting older and partly due to my concerns about our economic future.

I think it's more the latter for me, if I based it on my blog. Endless streams of exponential trend failures wear on my soul perhaps. Sigh.