Monday, November 3, 2014

Poll: Is There a Sarcasm Bubble?

Why am I polling? I recently noticed that I am getting more traffic from Finland.

Do’s and dont's in Finland

Finns may appear shy and serious, but their humor is dry and sarcastic, and they are opinionated and competitive.

Now I can't say for sure if that's true, but it got me to thinking about my blog.

Here is a shocking statistic:

I've created 3,264 posts on this blog. 1,865 of them used the sarcasm label.

57% of my posts are sarcastic in nature!

Here is something even more shocking:

Since being trapped in a zero interest rate policy, the use of my sarcasm label has gone up exponentially! I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to sustain this sarcastic growth rate well into the distant future. ZIRP has made everything so cheap on a relative basis. Producers of sarcasm, such as myself, are cranking it out like the party will never end! It will most likely end with a serious sarcasm glut!

So that brings me to my latest poll. It's been a long time. You will find the poll in the upper left hand corner of my blog. They say that the wording of the question can seriously bias the results. I'm trying to make this poll as scientific as possible, so I kept the wording to an absolute minimum. I also made the question as clear and as simple as possible. I'm also giving you plenty of time to decide (until the end of the year). Research it. Do your own due diligence. Don't rely on the anecdotal evidence within this post.

Is There a Sarcasm Bubble?


Keep in mind that voting is very important in a democracy and I have structured the poll accordingly. For example, you can choose a Republican political party that will run unsustainable government deficits over the long-term or you can choose a Democratic political party that will run unsustainable government deficits over the long-term. The choice is always yours! There's absolutely no reason to feel helpless!

Here is one more piece of evidence for those who can't quite make a decision regarding the potential sarcasm bubble. This post once again uses the sarcasm label! It could therefore indicate peak sarcasm just about to pop!

Still undecided? Okay, one more piece of sarcastic evidence but that's it! No more free lunches around here.

October 31, 2014
Here's why millennials have such a hard time sticking with one job

Young people don’t necessarily know what occupation is good for them and early in your career is when you’re going to be experimenting,” says Henry Siu, associate professor of economics at the University of British Columbia and co-author of the report.

I have two recommendations:

1. Telemarketing!
2. Coin-Operated Laundromats!

Stick to those, and the world is your oyster! Go anywhere! Within walking distance! Be anything! Assuming you don't want to be wealthy! Sigh.

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Mr Slippery said...

57% is not bad, but the sarcasm passing grade is 70% in my book. I'm old school that way.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,


You'll be happy to know that I'm averaging 100% over my last 20 posts. :)

I've probably shared this joke before with you but...

I can still remember when I was back in school. It was so cold and icy one day that I slipped back two steps for every step I took.

The teacher scoffed at my excuse. She told me that at that rate, I would have never made it to school!

I said, "I know! That's why I decided to turn around and go home!"


You know what? Maybe I should feel really good about the future.

Although this economy is so cold and icy, the recovery has definitely taken a step forward, lol. Sigh. ;)