Monday, April 13, 2015

Confessions of an Ill-Fated Psychopath

April 13, 2015
Bond traders brace themselves for another flash rally

I refer you to the comments:

Realize that only an ill-fated psychopath is in stocks or bonds today. There is zero-chance of realizing any of it. You have game tokens. The rest of the nation has skills, abilities and experience in things other than cooking fries. - Craig Chuhran

This ill-fated psychopath expects a bond from his bond ladder to mature in two days. He's kind of hoping to live off its "game token" proceeds over the next year, much like he's done since retiring in 1999. Not really losing much sleep over it. Go figure.

Disclosure: Professionally trained fry cook. Worked at Rax Roast Beef one summer while in college. Been there, done that.

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Stagflationary Mark said...

This ill-fated psychopath also apparently has schizophrenic tendencies since he's talking about himself in third person.

What does this say about you though?

Good grief! You are reading the opinions of an anonymous schizophrenic ill-fated psychopath on the Internet!

Are you nuts? Too? Hahaha! :)