Wednesday, April 8, 2015

IRS Employees Becoming Miserable and Overwhelmed Too

April 8, 2015
An Emotional Audit: IRS Workers Are Miserable and Overwhelmed

Inside the service center, Gaddy, an IRS taxpayer assistance specialist, sits stoically in a beige cubicle marked by an electric sign with a red numeral 5.

One wonders if Gaddy has ever worked 30 hours straight (to get a software project out the door)? Or watched her company be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for massive accounting fraud? Or survived round after round of layoffs as morale continually declined? Or watched people actually quit in droves because things had to be better elsewhere?

Just curious. If the answers are yes, like mine, then it is never too late to quit and work for Corporate America! Never too late to start fresh!

In all seriousness, just shoot me if I ever find myself trapped in a desk job again. In my opinion, quality of life cannot be found there. It's like a vacuum cleaner of the soul. It just sucks, lol. Sigh.

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