Monday, December 17, 2007

Dwindling Food Supplies

Global food supply is dwindling rapidly, UN agency warns
Part of the current problem is an outgrowth of prosperity.

I think you can pretty much guess what I think of that statement, based on the name of my blog.

Thanks go to abby normal for offering this link. It is a must read article.


Anonymous said...

Using food for fuel just seems silly to me.

Also, self sufficiency seems key here. Poor countries growing their own food is a great foundation for an economy. Food is an old and tradeable commodity. Work for work.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Using food as fuel seems almost criminal to me. We're taking "wretched excess" to a whole new level.

Malay Ride

walker said...

To add insult to injury, the Senate just passed a Farm Bill with a "financial incentives" package that would underwrite the cost of new biofuels production plants to the tune of $250 million per facility.

When food prices realy start to bite in the US this is going to be like the "sub-prime" crisis - "no one could have predicted this".

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Mark base metal prices are falling like a roc....

General Motors Corp. said Tuesday it is raising prices on its 2008 model year vehicles by an average of 1.5 percent to help cover increasing steel and commodity costs.

The increases are effective with vehicles invoiced to dealers starting Wednesday and will not affect vehicles already in dealer inventory, the automaker said.

The price of most cars and trucks will increase by $100 to $500, but the prices of certain vehicles in more competitive segments, such as the four-cylinder Saturn Aura and the Chevrolet Malibu LS, will not increase at all, said Mark LaNeve, GM North America vice president for vehicle sales, service and marketing.

Prices will increase as much as $1,500 on some models, including the Cadillac XLR luxury sports coupe.

Never mind.


Stagflationary Mark said...


No one could have predicted this!

(I added an exclamation point for dramatic effect. ;))


Great Depression Meets the 1970s

Sounds like a movie Abbott and Costello would have made.