Friday, October 3, 2008

The Markets Kopprasch'd! (Musical Tribute)

The 300 point "relief" rally in the DJIA faded today and it ended down 150 points.

I used acoustic guitars as a tribute for Monday's crash. I released the electric guitars during yesterday's crash. As promised, I'm now releasing the tubas (both electric and acoustic) from the Strategic Musical Tribute Reserves (SMTR).

The following video is for those who think we've finally found a market bottom and are looking to celebrate.

Electric Tuba: Kopprasch #56

This next one is for those who think we're continuing to slide into the next Great Depression.

Acoustic Tuba: Kopprasch #56

And lastly, here's one for those who are "still" believers in the second half of year recovery. There's not much tuba in it though.

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