Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today's Stock Market (Musical Tribute)

Yesterday I congratulated the stock market on its short-term temporary gains. Who knew they could vanish so quickly? Shocking!

That means I need to think up a new tribute today. Something extra motivational. We can't have people panicking. It's not like we're one step closer to the edge and things are about to break. Right?

I find the answers aren't so clear
Wish I could find a way to disappear
All these thoughts they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Nothing seems to go away
Over and over again

In all seriousness, I have no idea where the stock market heads next. I can say that if investors are counting on my nest egg to ever be in stocks again, I'm going to need to see a sustainable debt path. I'm just not a believer that we can borrow our way back to prosperity.

The Taleb video link was offered by mab in the comments of the previous post.


EconomicDisconnect said...

You are not a believer? Not even the song by the Monkees can convince you:

Maybe Ozzy then:

There is no swaying some folks!

Stagflationary Mark said...


I wish I could at least be a daydream believer but I get so scared inside. ;)

EconomicDisconnect said...

I think some really bored people would pay money on pay-per-view to see us in a no holds barred, all out, video duel! Maybe we could sell it to Comcast? I think I am overmatched, but you never know till it's over!

Great Ozzy/Lita pick. Any requests for Friday night entertainment? Anything goes, well almost.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Anything goes, well almost.

If you limit the choices, then you'll be missing out on all the classics. ;)

Violin and Dog Duet

Keyboard Cat!

Dramatic Prairie Dog - The Build Up

I used that last one in a post once. It really cracks me up. It requires patience but it is so worth it.

EconomicDisconnect said...

drop me an email so I know all is well. Do not be a stranger. Unless your playstation cannot do email, LOL. I have no idea if they can thats whats funny.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I'm pretty sure I could send an email through the browser on the PS3, but I don't.

The PS3 browser just isn't all that reliable and therefore not really worth my time to even try.

It works okay for posting comments on blogger and yahoo but I don't really wish to push my luck trying to integrate it in with my regular email account.

Of course, I could probably just set up an alternate email account just on the PS3, through gmail or something, but then that would give me one more thing to check on a fairly regular basis and I'm just too lazy.

For what it is worth, I'm having a good day. The sun was out. My I-Bond purchase showed up in the mail. At least I don't have to worry about that for another year.

I managed to schedule my nest tests today. I go in on Tuesday morning at 8:30am. I'm such a night person. I cringe at the thought, lol.

Morning? Good God! What's that??? :)

Stagflationary Mark said...

I'm not on the PS3 right now though. I'm actually getting ready to post something on easy kwedit.