Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Romney Pledges More of the Same

May 23, 2012
Romney: I'll get unemployment down to 6%

"Over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we put in place, we'd get the unemployment rate down to 6%, and perhaps a little lower," Romney said.

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1. Romney understands exponential trend extrapolation.

"It depends in part upon the rate of growth of the globe, as well as what we're seeing here in the United States."

2. Romney understands exponential trend failure risks.

"But we'd get the rate down quite substantially."

3. Romney understands how to twist the English language to appease the voters.

What more could we want from a president?

Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Unemployment Rate


Stagflationary Mark said...


When normal people communicate, everything after the "but" is the truth.

When politicians communicate, everything after the "but" is the lie.

Troy said...

"I'll get the UE rate back down the the worst of the dotcom recession"


UNRATE vs. annual debt take-on (less TBTF)

so we cured the dotcom malaise with $2.5T+/yr of debt take-on.

At $50,000 per yob that should have been 50M yobs created. Where did that money goooo?

Stagflationary Mark said...


"I'll get the UE rate back down the the worst of the dotcom recession"

You crack me up. I don't think either of us were meant to be politicians, lol.

Neil said...

Well, that's the management mantra. Under-promise and over-deliver.

If I may defend Romney, if we continue with more of the same, within four years that trend would break to the upside due to a Treasury debt crisis. Just avoiding that crisis and staying on trend is probably all we can reasonably ask.

Stagflationary Mark said...


On the one hand, I don't think Romney will over-deliver when it comes to unemployment. (I am a permabear.)

On the other hand, I don't think Obama will over-deliver either. There's only so much more hope and change that I can stomach. He should have focused on job creation from the moment he entered office.

Neil said...

Yeah, it's unlikely Romney would be able to over-deliver. But just keeping us on your trend line would be quite a feat, I suspect.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I hear that.

If one thinks of a recession as a failure and one also considers the mean time between failures, then we're already pushing our luck.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Here is another way to look at that data.