Sunday, July 26, 2015

Brace for the Greek Optimism!

July 26, 2015
Debt conundrum to keep Greek banks in months-long freeze.

"The banks are in deep freeze but the economy is getting..."

We've all seen it hundreds of times before. You know, that false sense of hope that comes after the but. It's once again time to brace for that little ray of sunshine. Here it comes!

"...weaker," said one official, pointing to a steady rise in loans that are not being repaid.

WTF! Weaker? Seriously? That has to be just about the most pathetic confidence booster I've ever seen. And it came out of an official's mouth? Seal the watertight doors. Man the lifeboats. Fondly recall flashbacks of your childhood. This ship's hit an iceberg!

I should be a Greek official, for I could certainly do better than that. When I think of Greece, I think of Atlas, Prometheus, and Perses! That's what would make me optimistic. Let's work those legendary titans into the narrative and cast aside all this doom and gloom.

I'm trying to think of a word that could represent them all. Let's see. If oceanic means something relating to the oceans then what word could be something relating to the titans? Is there a word that has both "titan" and "ic" in it?

Yes! Titanic! Of or relating to the titans! Genius! I am filled with optimism! That ship's unsinkable!

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