Friday, July 24, 2015

Volvo's Test

You have 30 seconds to complete the test. You may begin.

1. Why do we do it?
2. Why do we spend every waking moment thinking about people?
3. Why are we so committed to keeping you connected?
4. Why combine performance with a conscience?
5. Why innovate for a future without accidents?
6. Why do any of it?
7. Why do all of it?

Here are the answers. See how well you did!

1. So we can increase the price of our vehicles and increase our sales volumes while increasing our profit margins.
2. We don't. It's an advertisement. The government regulators and typical Americans are willing to accept that excessive exaggeration does not necessarily constitute fraud.
3. We want you to always have easy access to our advertising.
4. We want the most tech savvy drivers to think we use cyborg technology.
5. We are eternal optimists. Optimism creates confidence. Confidence increases auto sales.
6. So we can increase the price of our stock.
7. So we can increase executive compensation.


dearieme said...

Ancient British joke.

"I drive a Volvo but I don't know why; I'm neither Jewish nor a dentist."

The Jewish remark is lost on me because I'm not from London, but I still enjoy the thrust of the joke.

Stagflationary Mark said...

My girlfriend drives a 2001 Volvo and I don't know why. Car hasn't exactly been cheap to maintain. The most annoying thing it does is constantly burn through turn signal bulbs. Someone t-boned her quite a few years ago though (not her fault) and that might have something to do with it. Electrical system became flaky, or it was flaky anyway. Hard to tell.

In sharp contrast, my 1996 Camry has been the opposite of flaky. 19 years and going. Feels new. Doesn't burn oil. Doesn't eat bulbs. Has slightly fewer miles on it than the 2001 Volvo though.

Rob Dawg said...

Hey! The Dawg's everyday is a 2006 Volvo. Okay, it is a station wagon. Okay it is ummm... undistinguished. It also has a 2.5 liter turbo, low profile, sticky tires and goes like stink. 118k and getting that just broken in feel. Only complaint, the radio. Nothing but NPR.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Rob Dawg,

I too have a radio related complaint, but I am to blame. I drove under some low-lying branches one day many years ago and the retractable antenna got bent. No longer fully retracts. It is a constant reminder that I screwed up one day, lol. Sigh.

But hey, could be worse. At least the chainsaw hasn't left any constant reminders... yet. Knock on wood. So in the grand scheme of things, perhaps the bent antenna keeps me safer. Reminds me that accidents happen, and that maybe it is best not to get too complacent. ;)