Friday, July 17, 2015

Ten Tips for Chicken Safety

July 16, 2015
Another massive chicken recall is happening

If you cook chicken, it's time to check your fridge and freezer.

Here's a crazy thought.

If you cook chicken, then cook the chicken.

1. Don't half-cook the chicken.
2. Don't use half-cooked chicken puree as shampoo.
3. Don't use half-cooked chicken to clean the countertops.
4. Don't put half-cooked chicken into a meat smoothie.
5. Don't make half-cooked teryaki chicken ice cream.
6. Don't use half-cooked chicken to soothe a sprained ankle.
7. Don't store half-cooked chicken under your bathroom sink.
8. Don't take half-cooked chicken to a potluck.
9. Don't use half-cooked chicken as a flotation device.
10. Don't participate in half-cooked chicken eating contests.

Hey, just trying to make the world a safer place.

October 13, 2013
6 Tips To Prevent Salmonella: How To Purchase, Wash, And Cook Your Chicken Safely

Cooking chicken properly can ensure any traces of Salmonella or other bacteria are killed before eating.

Who knew?

...the responsibility of preventing foodborne diseases is largely in the hands of consumers preparing food and cooking meat at home.

You think? This isn't rocket science.

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