Friday, July 31, 2015

The Real Reason Samsung Is Cutting Its Prices

July 31, 2015
Samsung’s slashing Galaxy prices

Samsung has announced plans to slash prices on its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones, indicating an effort to boost lagging smartphone sales.

That's the stated reason but those of us into conspiracy theories can certainly think up a better reason than that!

What if Janet Yellen secretly met with Samsung executives? What if she did so because she was very concerned about the impending hyperinflation predicted each and every year by shadowstats? What if she had obtained secret emails of these executives using our country's Patriot Act? What if these emails included pictures that these executives would not want to go public? What if she showed them a chart of silver starting in 2011? What if she claims responsibility for it? Tells them she also has compromising photos of silver company executives? Tells them she has vaults filled with pictures? And paintings? And drawings? And doodles? What if she also reminded these executives that the Fed can be a key player in corporate bailouts should the need ever arise? Could perhaps put in a few good words for them? What if there was a lot of winking and head nodding over a few other perks that could go their way? What if she pointed out what happened to JFK, Jimmy Hoffa, and Elvis? Followed it up with even more winking and head nodding? What if she showed a video of an alien autopsy? What if she said that it wasn't an alien at all, but rather a former foreign corporate executive who once crossed her? Then what?

Hey, just harmless questions. Somebody needs to ask them. Do I have any proof that this is why Samsung lowered its prices? No, I do not. I find that very suspicious and you should too. Why no proof? What are they trying to hide? ;)

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