Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Crock of @#$% Report v.017

July 23, 2015
Ferrari IPO could come by end of year

"Ferrari controls the number of cars it produces, so they have power to set prices."

1. Every company on this planet controls the amount of goods and services it produces. Every single one.

2. If that's all it took to have the power to set prices, then we would have a never ending stream of global hyperinflation.

The Illusion of Prosperity Burger Cafe

Attention customers. Due to the rising popularity of our gourmet burgers made from only the healthiest and freshest ingredients, in combination with our desire to have more free time to pursue outdoor recreational interests, we will be limiting our burger production for the remainder of the summer. Our new restaurant hours will be 1pm to 2pm on Wednesdays. We will be creating a single exclusive burger each week. One and only one customer will have the privilege and honor of eating it. Since our power to set prices is based on having complete control over our production, the burger will be sold at a minimum price of $100,000. An additional fee of $20,000 will grant you full access to the condiment bar, where you will find a single exclusive whole onion handpicked by our master chef, a cutting board made from premium hard maple, and a top of the line J.A. Henckels' stainless steel knife second to none. Nothing but the best for our weekly customer! Bon app├ętit!


Troy said...

Get ready for a derail (I should get my own blog!)

Apple has found an interesting line to be the BMW of computing, raking the profits while enjoying economies of scale.

In 2006 they wisely hitched their PC wagon to Intel, eliminating any performance gap they suffered with PPC (and once the industry went with Intel's PCI/AGP/PCIe and USB, being the oddball was costing too much)

PC alone is actually doing pretty well for Apple . . .

blue is Mac share of the biz, gross vs. margin

they may have only ~15% of the PC market, but they have the ~top~ 15%

Big difference between being a 5% player they were not too long ago and the 15% player now though.

If you're growing, you're not dying!

Apple's iOS line is a real wildcard for that graph going forward. Gives Apple an immense (understatement!) warchest (Apple has $2.4M revenue per employee, that's more than GOOG and MSFT combined) plus a massively expanded developer mindshare vs just 10 years ago.

Throw in the Apple TV and their software platform story will really start cooking with gas.

The box sale isn't important, it's Apple's coming tap on household entertainment spending, busting comcast's $100+/mo monolithic service charge into more consumer-friendly $1/mo $5/mo $10/mo bitesize pieces.

Anyhow, I actually parked next to a Ferrari for the first time last week. I like the curves of my 2000 Miata just as much as that red Ferrari, that's why I got it in the first place, Mazda cruelly stopped making the RX-7 in the late 90s, that car was beauty on wheels, even if the engine was a regular nightmare to maintain.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I too loved the look of the RX-7. Saw one cheap late at night on a used car lot in the late 1980s and gave serious thought to buying it.

Drove by the next day to see it again. The paint job, in the daylight, offered an indication why it was cheap, lol.

Wasn't meant to be anyway. At 6'3" I would have been jammed in there like a sardine in a can no doubt. Oh, well.

Doesn't change the fact that it turns my head every time I see one though.

Stagflationary Mark said...

I should probably mention the paint job. There were serious smoke marks on the hood, as if there might be or might have been a few problems with the, as you put it, nightmare of an engine to maintain, lol.

Troy said...

that'd be a great chassis to put a EV plant in.

The first one I saw in Japan just arrested me. One I saw last month in Santa Cruz, same thing.

I don't understand why nobody else makes a car like this. Well, this curve I guess explains it:

% < age 25 of all core adults 15 - 54