Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Retail Day Trading Profits Unlikely to Have Surged in Second Quarter

July 20, 2015
Morgan Stanley Shares Rise As Trading Profits Surge Nearly 70% In Second Quarter

...bolstered by a sharp rise in trading-related profits...

Call it a far-fetched hunch, but I'm assuming someone must have been on the other side of those trades.

Quit Your Job To Trade Stocks?

Trading is often viewed as a high barrier-to-entry field, but this is simply not the case in today's market. Now, anyone with ambition and patience can trade, and do it for a living, even with little to no money. Sound fantastic? It is, and there are so many options available to people with the desire to put in the time to learn.

Anyone can do it! And do it for a living! Even with little to no money! Too good to be true? Hardly!

Day trading with little to no money is like house flipping with little to no money, but with the added benefit of going head to head with investment bank advanced and proprietary high frequency trading algorithms looking for any potential flaw in your ultra-short-term reasoning! Learn by doing I say! The sooner you get started, the more money you can make!

March 30, 2014
Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys" Exposes Shady World Of Dark Pools; Some Funds Have Already Pulled Out

The author compares these banks who run dark pools to casino owners who need players to attract other players.

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