Thursday, September 20, 2007

50 Million Satisfied Chinese!

China's Inflation Problems
Could Delay Energy Reform

Worries about inflation continue to rise. A survey issued Thursday by the People's Bank of China showed only 3.5% of households satisfied with current prices, an all-time low. Another central bank survey of bankers showed their confidence in the economy also hitting an all-time low, with most anticipating higher interest rates will be needed to combat inflation.

I didn't want to alarm anyone with a "1.25 Billion Unsatisfied Chinese!" headline. It is important to keep a semblance of order these days.

Unfortunately, the Chinese bankers are also unsatisfied and that just won't do. China better learn from our example and start the construction of a few hundred thousand payday loan centers before things get completely out of hand.

If they can quickly inject some more illusionary prosperity back into the system then we'll all get through this with nothing more than higher prices and a lower standard of living.

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