Friday, September 21, 2007

Spaghetti Western vs. Martial Arts

Wheat Prices Send Italian Pasta Costs Up
Consumer groups organized protests in Rome, Milan and Palermo — and even handed out free pasta, bread and milk to passers-by to help ease the pain for those who decided to support the strike and forego pasta purchases at supermarkets and restaurants.

Still, even with the projected increases, "There is no dish that costs less," said Furio Bragagnolo, the vice president of the Italian pasta manufacturers association. "Whoever decides to strike against pasta will spend more on whatever they buy instead. A plate of pasta probably costs less than an apple."

The pain! The suffering! Oh, the humanity!

For the first time in nearly 20 years, there have been sporadic but sustained public protests across Burma against rising food and fuel prices. And the ruling generals are getting nervous

In an unprecedented move, police and security forces have been deployed outside the monasteries in the key Buddhist cities of Mandalay and Pakokku, as well as Rangoon to prevent the monks from getting involved in further protests. They issued appeals through the state-controlled media asking the monks and public not to come out into the streets.

''Burma is a social volcano ready to erupt,'' according to a leading Burmese businessman. ''These price increases may just be the spark that ignites it.''

It appears the monks are going to be making the better action movie this year. Just a hunch.

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