Friday, September 28, 2007

Los Angeles Port Cargo Traffic

I've updated a previous chart with the data from August, 2007.

Inbound traffic appears to be forming a peak.

This shows the year over year growth and zooms in a bit.

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Source Data: The Port of Los Angeles


Anonymous said...

Love the site, the graphs on land use/ ag production were great.

Re: LA port cargo, I think a more meaningful graph would include traffic into ALL US ports. The LA / Long Beach complex is a mess and beyond physical capacity. Traffic is beginning to flow via all water service to other ports.

Cargo I once brought through LA now goes via Savannah.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Glad you like the site. It's just something I do to fend off the insanity (or add to it, lol).

That's an interesting anecdote about LA.

I have another chart that shows all US ports if you haven't already seen it.

Trade Deficit, Part 4

Unfortunately, the data isn't quite as timely.