Wednesday, September 19, 2007

China vs. Monster Zero

Chinese Government Freezes Some Prices
BEIJING (AP) -- China's government has ordered some prices frozen and told officials to closely monitor others in its most drastic step yet to contain a surge in inflation.

Monster Zero is the reason we cannot live on the surface but must forever live underground like this.

The statement stressed the importance of maintaining "market stability" ahead of a key Communist Party meeting next month. It said controlling inflation would affect China's development, reform and stability.

On Earth you gave this terrifying monster the name of Ghidorah. Everything is numbered here. The monster is Zero.

"I think it will help change expectations a bit," he said. "Some companies might have wanted to raise prices because of expected higher energy or resource prices. Now they can postpone that."

Gentlemen, we have tried every force known to us. We can't kill him. We have failed.

Communist leaders are especially worried about the political impact of soaring food prices, which hit China's vast, poor majority especially hard. Families in the countryside and the urban working class spend about one-third of their incomes on food.

Just wait, 'til it goes away. Move all defensive units into Sector 15 and clean it up, immediately!

The government has tried to bring down the price of pork, the country's staple meat, by encouraging farmers to raise more pigs with promises of free vaccinations and other aid.

Something serious must have happened old buddy. Yeah, and they don't want us to know about it. Any country would do the same for secrecy.

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