Saturday, July 11, 2015

Investment and Entertainment Value of the Century! (Musical Tribute)

Muckleshoot Casino: Machines

Win a jackpot? Get invited to our jackpot parties and let us celebrate your winnings one more time!

After you have won the jackpot and they have celebrated the bejesus out of your winnings, don't forget to attend the live performance of ABBA Fab!

Muckleshoot Casino: Entertainment

Muckleshoot Casino welcomes ABBA Fab, a stunning tribute to the music of ABBA. This sensational production includes record breaking hits such as “Fernando,” “Dancing Queen,” and countless others! You don’t want to miss this FREE live performance in Club Galaxy.

Free? OMG! Surely there must be a catch! Tell me more!!

Must be a Players Club member to participate.

I knew it! There's always a catch. How much is that going to set me back?

Membership is free.

Get out! It's free too? How is that even possible?

In summary, head on down to the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Washington. Win the jackpot! Let them celebrate the bejesus out of your winnings. Attend the live show of ABBA Fab, arguably one of the best pretend ABBA bands out there, and register for the chance to win a million dollars!

Did I not mention the million dollar chance? Please forgive me. I got caught up in all the excitement!!

My girlfriend was not convinced when we saw the advertisement for the casino last night. She wanted to know how pathetic one must be to want to see a second-rate performance of a pretend band in a fourth-rate Indian casino. Her paraphrased words, not mine.

Don't let the naysayer win! This could be the investment and entertainment value of the century! When opportunity like this knocks, one mustn't slam the door! What's the worst that could happen when alcohol is involved?

Auburn Police blotter | June 26

Theft: 8:50 p.m., 2402 Auburn Way S. Somebody stole property from the back of a man’s truck while it was parked at the Muckleshoot Casino.

Hey, it was parked at a casino in Auburn at dusk. What did he expect? I'm quite confident that his winnings more than made up for it!!


Mr Slippery said...

At least your casinos don't make fun of their patrons in their name.

One of the largest in SoCal is Morongo.

Yes, you read that right...Moron Go.

Stagflationary Mark said...


It's probably for the best that we don't have a Usukatcraps tribe. ;)