Monday, July 6, 2015

Tripadvisor's Take on Greece and Its Banking Situation

Tripadvisor: Athens Travel Articles: Pickpocketing and Advice About It

Despite the bs written in international press, ATM's are always full of money, so you don't really need to get all your bank account here in the pocket.

The ATMs are always full of money! I knew it!!

July 6, 2015
Greek banks will not open today and ATM limits will be reduced

"This significantly raises the probability of banks running out of cash over the coming days. We estimate it is very likely banks will not reopen on 7 July as currently expected. Moreover, the limit on bank withdrawals, currently at €60, may also need to be reduced."

Who you gonna believe? The bs international press pictures of people lining up at the ATMs? Photoshopped? Or the sagely predictions and keen observations of some anonymous person writing for Tripadvisor?

Think, people! Think! ;)


dearieme said...

We had lamb kebabs for dinner, so we had a taste-off: genuine Greek yoghurt vs "Greek style" yoghurt. The ersatz stuff lost. Maybe we'll buy more of the Greek stuff - they could do with all the customers they can find.

P.S. Did you see that their new finance minister is called "Euclid"? Pythagoras must be jealous.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I saw a man buy regular yogurt instead. Doesn't he realize how dire the situation is?

How dairy!

I tried to milk that pun for all its net worth.