Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An Oxymoron's Guide to Chinese Central Planning

September 1, 2015
CNBC: What's with China's mixed policy messages?

Beijing's micromanagement of the turmoil in equity markets is only worsening confidence in the world's second largest economy as a series of contradictory policy measures creates further confusion.

Emphasis added. That's a whole lotta cons.

"It seems like they're turning to more sustainable intervention, compared to their earlier intervention methods of direct share purchases."

Still, all this
has only exacerbated volatility, drawn international criticism and scared investors away...

Does the contradiction that more sustainable intervention has only exacerbated volatility confuse you and reduce your confidence? There is no need for that to be the case. Let me explain using oxymoron technology.

I  am hopelessly optimistic that, given the exact estimates of their shrinking growth in GDP, the Chinese economy will continue to be awfully good. There will be no crash landing and they can avoid a minor disaster. Good grief, a preemptive intervention isn't the only choice they have left.

I look forward to their next tentative decision. It will no doubt be a wicked good one. China's leaders know where the truth lies. Years from now we will all look back and laugh at this comedic tragedy, that is, if we're not engaged in currency war games.

So, cheer up! Think of it as a slumber party! If you don't invest now, you may end up being a retired worker for the rest of your life. You snooze, you lose! Be all the greater clever fool that you can be! That misplaced trust? It was found missing!!

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Stagflationary Mark said...

Bonus Oxymoron

September 1, 2015
Weak sentiment hits copper prices

"Looking at fundamentals, China and demand, it's not looking terribly healthy," said Sergey Raevskiy, metals research analyst at SP Angel.

It's not, I repeat not, looking terribly healthy. This can be terribly confusing to investors who have not mastered advanced oxymoron technology, lol. Sigh.