Monday, September 14, 2015

Payed vs. Paid

September 14, 2015
New study asks why birds fall in love

The researchers observed more infidelity (first in the females, then in the males) in the artificially paired mates, even though males payed just as much attention to their females when they'd been paired at random. There were fewer instances of copulation (so fewer fertilized eggs overall) and less attention paid to newly hatched eggs, leading to high mortality rates in the early days after a hatching.

Payed or paid? Which is correct in this instance? It's not so simple.

Payed is actually a nautical term so seamen may be involved. However, copulation is a reproductive term so "seamen" may still be involved. You know, because seamen might have a gal in every port. What did you think I meant?

Not getting it?

What's big and black and full of seamen? A submarine!

See? Nautical. Nothing more. Those seamen may have payed the rope to dock, then paid the gals to dock. You know, because ships normally can't dock for free. Someone must get paid, presumably the gals working for the harbormaster. What did you think I meant?

Good grief. Can't even try to share what I learned about grammar today without being accused of excessive sexual innuendo? Seriously?

What's the world "coming" to? What? I only put "coming" in quotes to imply that I was being judged like the second coming of Jesus Christ. What did you think I meant? ;)

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