Monday, September 28, 2015

"Considerable Margins of Safety"

December 29, 2014
Why I'm Backing A Brilliant 2015 For BHP Billiton plc, Glencore plc And Rio Tinto plc

However, it is mostly as a result of the considerable margins of safety that are currently on offer through BHP, Rio Tinto and Glencore that I’m bullish on their share price prospects for 2015. It could be a stunning year for investors in all three companies.

Glencore? Brilliant 2015? Stunning year? Got TASER?

Of course, finding the most appealing stocks for next year is not an easy task. That's especially the case if, like most private investors, you lack the time to trawl through the FTSE looking for the best opportunities.

All that time spent trawling and all he's got to show for it is an old tire, a washcloth, a waterlogged sneaker, and a selfie with his "best opportunities" treasure, lol. Sigh.

September 28, 2015
Glencore craters 29% as analysts fear debt will ‘evaporate’ stock’s value

Glencore GLEN, -29.42% GLCNF, -27.70% shares have now lost 76% in value year-to-date, as the miner and trader struggles with weak results, slumping metals prices and broader concerns about its balance sheet.

Excessive debt and leverage. Whatcha gonna do?

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