Thursday, September 17, 2015

The No @#$% Sherlock Report v.004

September 16, 2015
Time for a hike? World’s central bankers speak out

Elvira Nabiullina, Central Bank of Russia Governor:

There are two scenarios possible that raising interest rates will have, bearing in mind that market players are expecting this particular event and in many ways have priced it into the valuation of their assets. And in this (first) case there are not going to be any dramatic changes in the market environment," she told CNBC.

"But the second probability is also possible – that
markets may respond in a very nervous way and then generally speaking, increase global turbulence that may affect the Russian economy as well."

Scenario Summary:

1. No drama.
2. Drama.

This controversial summary is both approved by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and backed by modern mathematical set theory. I therefore have no choice but to trust its conclusion with a high degree of confidence.

There may or may not be drama. Like Elvira Nabiullina, I'd literally be willing to stake my life on it.

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