Saturday, September 12, 2015

First World Problem of the Day

September 11, 2015
Why are the rich pulling their kids out of school?

"We've had one family from the Middle East request a residential teacher to teach at their children within their penthouse in Knightsbridge because even getting to a school with drivers and guards is so much of a hassle," Spriggs said.

Teach at their children? Really?

Teacher: You will be paying me to teach your children?
Father: No, we are paying you to teach *at* our children.
Teacher: I'm a bit confused.
Father: Our children will not be taking orders from the likes of you.
Teacher: If your children would prefer to do other things while I am teaching...
Father: Then you will teach *at* them, in a low calming voice, as they do those other things!!
Teacher: Can I speak to their mother about this?
Father: You may speak *at* her. Don't expect a reply though. Like our children, she does not speak to the help.

Perhaps teachers really are underpaid. I don't think I could be one for more than a few minutes in that environment. ;)

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