Monday, May 9, 2016

A List of Super Successful Keywords

My blog's been getting a lot of traffic from "" so I was curious what it was.

What is and How to stop "" referral - Google Analytics

What is / referral?

This type of "referral" is called Crawler Spam because it uses a bot to crawl your homepage and leave a fake referral with a flashy name so you search for it.

I wish to thank the site for existing, making the world a better place, for wasting my time, and/or for tricking me. I therefore put together a really short list of super successful keywords designed specifically for them.

Keyword List

2. ME

Of course, this is exactly what they want me to do. When it comes to Crawler Spam, any publicity is good publicity.

Someday, when millions of blogs have trillions of visits per second each, we'll know who to blame when Netflix is running a bit slow. So that's something I guess.


Mr. Slippery said...

I am only getting one referral a day from that awesome site. That leaves me feeling a little neglected.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr. Slippery,

What if I told you that we are the only ones.

It's an exclusive club designed just for us!

That's right. You, me, and another 100 million bloggers.

It's just like Costco, only there aren't any membership fees, and we can't actually use it to buy too much candy at a discount, so we'll stay lean and heslthy. Woohoo! ;)