Friday, May 13, 2016

A Special Thank You!

On this Friday the 13th, I think it is only fitting that I thank this blog's 13 followers (seriously) for making this site what it is today. You and me together, making the world a better place one sarcastic post at a time! Thank you!!

Very bad Mark. Very bad! Very bad! Hahaha! :)

I won't be posting much in the next two days. It's double fame weekend in Real Racing 3. That means I'll be farming twice as much pretend gold as I normally would, nearly endlessly circling a race track that I've already nearly endlessly circled. Round and round I go. I can then use this pretend gold to buy and upgrade pretend cars, all without ever having to leave my couch. It's a miracle of the modern economy I tell you! A miracle!!

Have no fear. My next post, before the markets open on Monday, will shock and amaze you as I describe in great detail how to spot a table pounding screaming bargain, thanks to an article I found at Seeking Alpha. Good stuff. Stay tuned, but for now just enjoy your weekend! You deserve it. :)

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