Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Sweet Spots for the Global Economy

May 26, 2016
Wall Street Journal: Oil Prices Poised to Hit Sweet Spot for Global Economy

Range of $50 to $60 a barrel represents ‘goldilocks’ scenario for consumers, industry and the oil industry alike

What's the sweet spot for illicit drugs?

June 30, 2005
UN report puts world's illicit drug trade at estimated $321b

Annualized  worldwide illegal drug sales are greater than the gross domestic product of 88 percent of the countries in the world...

Just look at that GDP!

The bulk of the money, $214 billion, was made at the retail level; drugs sold in streets and back alleys.

Most investors love to see a good retail sales report. There is no reason our streets and back alleys can't become the envy of the world, more so than they already are.

Most of the buying was in North America, with 44 percent of all estimated sales, followed by Europe with 33 percent.

Looks like we're already in the sweet spot. That's fantastic! Now we just need to work on the other sweet spots.

Coal? It's too expensive. Nobody will be driving coal powered cars until the prices come down.

Nuclear weapons? Shouldn't cost more than a suitcase if we want consumers to buy and use them.

Human trafficking? Life is priceless. So what, maybe $15 per hour?

In all seriousness, Americans are driving 3.2 trillion miles per year in total. How much is enough?

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