Monday, May 30, 2016

Chicago: Good News, Bad News, and Mixed News

First, the bad news:

May 30, 2016
Chicago Tribune: Memorial Day weekend violence adds to a violent May in Chicago

By Monday afternoon, the tally of those shot in Chicago this year was at least 1,492, according to data compiled by the Tribune, with at least 250 killed. By this time last year, 957 had been shot, with 164 killed.

Now, the good news:

Out of the 7.4 billion people on this planet, only 2.7 million live in Chicago. That's only 0.036%.

Hey, I just work with what I've got. I'm not a good news miracle worker.

And lastly, the mixed news:

March 25, 2016
Chicago Tribune: Chicago area sees greatest population loss of any major U.S. city, region in 2015

The potential fallout is both political and financial. Federal and state government dollars are often distributed to local government agencies based on population; so the population loss creates long-term budget concerns. Communities pouring millions into new roads and schools, for example, based on rosy projections of future growth are left with fewer taxpayers to cover the cost.

I know what you must be thinking. This looks like awful news. How can it possibly be considered mixed? Well, those who left really dodged a bullet!

Bad Mark. Bad. Bad. Sigh.

Sincere apologies to those who live in the Chicago area. :(


whydibuy said...

How PC of you to leave out the obvious race element that black cities are dangerous and violent. Or that of those shot and doing the shootings are near 100% black.
Whatever you do, don't bring up the violent nature of blacks. Just say the "city" is bad. ( those evil buildings and roads ) Or that those leaving are getting away from the black culture of violence and criminality.

Stagflationary Mark said...


How very helpful of you to bring up the obvious prejudice element and help perpetuate the cycle of hate and anger.

Thank you for reminding me how many black people must feel in your presence. Makes me a bit angry and I'm not even black. Go figure.

The world is slightly more angry and sarcastic today. You are making a difference. Nicely done.

whydibuy said...

I expected the racist claim to divert attention from the reality of the situation in Chicago.
Its not prejudice to state the obvious. Why, tell, aren't white cities experiencing the same murder and shooting numbers?
And I also expected the ad homin attack that I'm somehow perpetuating the cycle of Hate. Really? Did I go shoot up the black hoods?
I remind whites to avoid black areas because of the violence blacks are prone towards. I guess I would be perpetuating hate of wolves if I advise people not to go in the forest where wolves are.
I could always tell that you are one of those long distance liberals who love the black underclass while staying far away from it in a 99% white area.
You know what could help your anger? Go live in the midst of them and demonstrate to me how mistaken I am about them. You won't since you know I speak the truth. How pathetic you two faced liberals are.

Stagflationary Mark said...


It is obvious that there is a lot of black on black crime. And yet, there you are deeply disturbed that my post didn't repeat the obvious. I'll try harder next time. What few readers I have would no doubt love for me to continually point out the obvious.

Why aren't white cities experiencing the same number of shootings? Perhaps it is because whites don't have anger issues over racism that never seems to end? Perhaps they tire of continually being told how angry they all are?

Contrary to your misguided opinion, I don't love the black underclass. I don't love any class, not even my own. I love individuals, not classes of individuals. Perhaps that's why I didn't bring up class in my post, thereby somehow triggering your ire.

I would not willingly choose to live in a very high crime area. Big shocker.

I'm not really all that angry. I wake up every day thankful for being born when and where I was. I don't generally read the blogs of those I don't like. I don't actively engage them in debate on their own blogs. I find more enjoyable things to do with my time. Things that make me happy. Things that amuse me. Things that make me laugh. You might want to give it a try.

You don't like me much. I don't like you much. We established that years ago. And yet, here you are inserting yourself into my life. Other than higher blood pressure, what is it that you hope to gain by being here? A vision to save the world from all the pathetic anonymous bloggers who disagree with you? With over 100 million blogs in existence, it will certainly be a daunting task. Good luck on that!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes sunshine is the best disinfectant.

In any event, our ever reaching Government has a solution.

It "worked" in Dallas!

Stagflationary Mark said...


Sunshine is definitely an awesome disinfectant! I was bathing in it yesterday as I was weeding the yard.

I don't know what the solutions for many of our problems are, and unfortunately, I don't think our government does either. Sigh.

My girlfriend and I discussed something related to this just yesterday. She lived right next to a good school when she was young, but the government wanted to bus her to a distant school. Government

whydibuy said...

You do have the liberal speak down.
So you wouldn't live in a high crime ( re:black ) area. You are a bigoted racist, right? Whatever you do, don't admit you mean black majority area.

The apology making for black violence as being caused by racism is exactly backward. People don't like blacks BECAUSE of their violence prone, ghetto ways.
As for chiming in on this post, I just felt it needed clarification as to the elephant in the room causation that you somehow missed with your deep analysis concluding that the bricks and mortar of the city was causing the violence.

Stagflationary Mark said...

People don't like blacks...

Racist. QED.