Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jim Cramer's Hilarious Quote of the Day

May 9, 2016
Cramer: Not enough cash out there for S&P to rebound higher

"Something confirmed, in my eyes, by the change on a dime leadership that shows there is not enough money out there for the S&P to break out higher." - Jim Cramer, May 9, 2016

Where has all the cash gone? Did it magically disappear? Is this the same money that's in such short supply that it can't buy treasury bills or treasury bonds?

The liquid money supply of the United States is a whopping $14.0 trillion, up from just $4.4 trillion in 2000. And yet, here is Jim Cramer telling us that there is not enough money to buy stocks. Oh, it's there all right. Good luck getting it to budge. Even if all $14 trillion of it was used to buy stocks, then it would still exist. Those who sold their stocks would have it. Other than burning it, money is very hard to actually destroy. For some reason, people seem to like to hoard it.

Not enough money to buy stocks? There's $8.4 trillion in savings stashed in depository institutions. That's one reason they pay so little interest on deposits. They're drowning in money. Just walk in and ask for your share. Tell them you wish buy stocks with it. They should supply a wheelbarrow to help you load your limousine. They'll let you keep the wheelbarrow if you promise to buy the shares of their bank, and the CEO will personally autograph it for you. Trust me on this.

Disregard the wheelbarrow advice if you aren't part of the 1%. It's an exclusive club and the wheelbarrows are supposed to be kept secret. Here's something you can do though. Demand that the bank pays you 2% on the $1000 you have in your savings account or you'll be taking your money elsewhere. See how long it takes them to ask whether you want it in tens or twenties. It's the fun with money gluts game. All the cool kids are playing it.

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Stagflationary Mark said...

Headline on CNBC television right now;


Hey, Cramer. The markets managed to find some money. Shocking turn of events! Hahaha!! ;)

In all seriousness, if Cramer couldn't even convince this permabear to be bearish on stocks today due to his misplaced logic, then how did he get his own show?

Are there people who just blindly follow what he says? Even after his disastrous Winners of the New World back in 2000? You know, the only stocks you'd ever need to own? Seriously?