Monday, May 30, 2016

Wall Street's Toughest Test

May 30, 2016
170,000 people are about to take Wall Street's toughest test

Ethical and professional standards are heavily tested at all three levels of the exam. CFA charterholders are required to adhere to a strict code of ethics that touches upon every aspect of their professional lives or face seeing their charters revoked. In recent years, ethics have come to the forefront, particularly after the financial crisis. Clients, employers, the capital markets, and the investing public are assured their interests take priority for the CFA charterholder.

Question 1: Would you ever lie on an ethics test?

Question 2: If you just lied on this ethics test, do you at least feel any remorse?

Question 3: Place your teardrop in the box. Did you force it or did it come naturally?

Question 4: You have stumbled upon a financial memo which implicates you in widespread company accounting fraud. After disposing of the whistleblower's body in a remote location, what do you do with the original document and all supporting documentation?

Question 5: As you contemplated the answer to the last question, were you laughing or crying?

Ethics, so easy that even a baby can pretend to have it. ;)

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