Monday, May 16, 2016

The Education of Jim Cramer

May 16, 2016
MarketWatch: Jim Cramer doesn’t beat the market

Cramer told MarketWatch that he has “never promised outperformance” and that the subscription service is a “largely educational product.”

Q: What is Cramer teaching his students about money?

A: How to underperform the S&P 500!

Q: What are Cramer's students teaching him about money?

A: How to save $15 per month by cancelling their subscriptions!

The business had 71,900 total paid subscribers as of March 31, which, a source close to the matter said, primarily comprises Action Alerts Plus subscribers. That is a decrease of 11,700, or 14%, from the year-earlier period. Nearly 5,000 of those dropouts, 4,900, have occurred since the end of 2015. TheStreet declined to comment on the loss in subscribers.


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