Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Lack of Hyperinflation Special Report

It's not extreme couponing, but it is significant. Here's what I bought last night at our local QFC using nothing more than the store's own sales and coupons (no coupons from other sources that require extra time to find and manage).

1. Twelve neapolitan ice cream sandwiches: $2.54
2. One gallon 2% QFC milk: Free
3. One 20 ounce loaf of Sara Lee Artesano bread: Free
4. One 24 ounce loaf of QFC whole wheat bread: $1.99
5. One head of green leaf lettuce: $1.99 (full price)
6. One Lindt candy bar: Free
7. 2.47 pounds of bananas: $1.70 (full price)
8. Two 10.25 ounce bags of Lay's potato chips: $2.00

Filled two paper bags, not counting the gallon of milk carried separately. Practically needed a wheelbarrow to get it to my car. All that for just...


That's 60% off full price. I can generally expect at least 50% off. Very little effort. If you're poor, or even not so poor, do yourself a huge favor and take advantage of the sales.

I cringe every single time I see someone put a 12-pack of Coca-Cola in their cart at full price. Cringe. There's a good sale about once a month. Stock up! It's just hard to watch. And yes, maybe that's a neurosis on my end, but it's incurable so please help me out. And whatever you do, don't just stand there and actually burn the money in front of me on the misguided belief that hyperinflation is already here. I'd probably require a straightjacket, lol. Sigh.

You must know I'm being sincere here. It is not in my best interest to tell you to take advantage of the sales. If everyone did it, to this level, the sales would suffer. So please don't confuse me with a commission-based financial professional offering you paid financial advice that serves his best interests. No, sir. This is free advice, and you get exactly what you pay for. I do apologize if this disappoints, but it is what it is. ;)


dearieme said...

I admire the fanaticism with which you stick to the Mediterranean diet.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Hahaha! :)

It's not easy sticking to the nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits but somehow I sometimes seem to make it work. ;)

Zucchini sale for the next 2 weeks! That should help a tiny bit. I do a bit better than the list implies. I eat a lot of boneless chicken, rice, frozen vegetables, and frozen blueberries purchased at Costco, The carrots, celery, apples, and potatoes are usually bought at WinCo.

Then again, I also eat more canned goods than the list implies, so maybe it's a wash.