Monday, May 16, 2016

China Is a Victim

January 12, 2016
Jim Rogers Says China Is a Victim, Not Cause of Problems

Yes, the victim. We used our vast military might to force China to make goods for us in exchange for useless paper dollars, completely against their will. Then, we sent over our "Hot Commodities" billionaire to convince them how wonderful both they are and commodities, in general. Next, we crashed that commodity bubble single-handedly thereby forcing them back into US dollars. And finally, knowing with 100% certainty that cash was trash, we started talking about the wonders of commodities yet again.

Poor China. Apparently, promised the world by a foreign power, and believed in every story we sent them with great naivety. We are clearly the masters of deceit, to trick a country that's been around pretty much since the invention of dirt.

May 12, 2016
China's commodities meltdown could rock the markets

One truly astonishing feature of this bout of speculation is that the average holding period of a commodity futures contract was just three hours in April, according to a Bloomberg article. That makes other speculative trading episodes look like long-term investing.

Even if one is wrongly imprisoned, a victim of our system so to speak, then this still might not be the best time to bend over and reach for that bar of soap. We have a long history of #%^*ing China up the asset classes, or so I'm told.

Just a few questions. How on earth did we ever convince them to send us so many actual goods for cash that we can easily print? Is it because they were desperate for our jobs? Why won't they spend their dollars on our goods and services instead of hoarding them? What are they waiting for? Yet another commodity meltdown and a new entry point for even more speculation?

My heart goes out to the victims of the ELEMENTS Rogers International Commodity ETN, down roughly 50% since its inception just before the Great Recession. Half the soap is gone. But don't you worry, Jim Rogers is teaching his daughters Chinese. You should too. When a billion Chinese victims apply for your soon-to-be-automated job, you don't want to be left behind.

In all seriousness, can't we all just get along? There is no reason that we can't all be victims, together. Let us look forward to the day that all factories are automated, all Amazon fulfillment centers are automated, automated drones deliver all the goods directly to our homes, and all profits and wages go directly to the top 1 percent. It's utopia, assuming we cut the taxes of the richest to somehow magically pay for all of it, or at the very least simply borrow the money ad infinitum. What could possibly go wrong?

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