Monday, May 30, 2016

Fed's Bullard: Global Markets Well-Prepared for Summer Rate Hike

May 29, 2016
Fed's Bullard says global markets seem well-prepared for summer rate hike

Principal: I've brought you in to discuss your son's application for entry into first grade.
Parent: Is there a problem?
Principal: Is it true that your son is 13 years old? That's about 7 years later than we would expect.
Parent: It is. We wanted him to be well-prepared.
Principal: Is it also true that your son is not yet potty trained?
Parent: We prioritized his academic training above all else.
Principal: Potty trained?
Parent: Our son was hitting the books before he could even walk. Every waking minute of every single day was allocated to his academic education.
Principal: Potty trained?
Parent: Our son speaks fluent English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, and Italian.
Principal: Potty trained?
Parent: Our son has mastered Calculus and Quantum Physics.
Principal: Potty trained?
Parent: Our son is currently on The New York Times Best Seller list.
Principal: What's the title?
Parent: "Please Call the Authorities!"
Principal: Have you read it?
Parent: No, but I do know the first chapter is devoted to potty training.
Principal: Anything else you want to add before I call the authorities?
Parent: Our son really is quite passionate and gifted. We told him the book wouldn't sell well, but he convinced us to let him try anyway. He sure proved us wrong!
Principal: What do you think inspired him?
Parent: It's hard to say. He seemed almost desperate for others to read his story.

The global markets have had nearly a decade to prepare for the second 0.25% rate hike. Heaven help us all if they haven't been sufficiently potty trained. Nobody wants a s#%tstorm! ;)

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