Monday, August 17, 2015

A Tiger, a Bobcat, Two Wolves, a Naked Lady in a Trench Coat, a Photographer, an Amazonian, and a Guy with a Weed-Whacker Walk into an Abandoned Detroit Autoplant

August 17, 2015
Why a Tiger Was Let Loose in the Historic Detroit Packard Plant

"There was a naked woman with a trench coat. It was a high-fashion shoot, which seems like the dumbest thing," Didorosi told ABC News. He also spotted two wolves, and the Detroit Free Press noted there was also a bobcat.

Which one doesn't belong? The Amazonian.

Looking for the punch line? The Amazonian is standing on it.

Why did you clock out early? POW!
What do you mean you have cancer? BAM!
You thought you could vacation in Detroit? BONK!
Are you incompetent or just lazy? THWACK!
Why didn't you work smarter? THUNK!

This fight scene inspired by Jeff Bezos and old school Batman.


Rob Dawg said...

Took a 1929 Packard 626 to the prom.

Stagflationary Mark said...

1929! What a year! ;)

Rob Dawg said...

What a back seat!

Mr Slippery said...

Detroit’s hottest club is: Taste
Description: Nightlife designer Tranny Griffith is back with an all-new club that answers the question, “Huh?!?” Don’t look for a bouncer – there isn’t one. Instead, the door’s guarded by 10 jacked homeless guys in old-fashioned bathing suits.
This place has everything: Ice sculptures, winos, Germfs – German smurfs – a Teddy Ruxpin wearing mascara, an old lady wearing Kid ‘N Play hair, and none other than DJ Baby Bok Choy.
DJ Baby Bok Choy? He’s a giant 300-pound Chinese baby who wears tinted aviator glasses, and he spins records with his little ravioli hands.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Stefon!! Hahaha!!! :)

Stagflationary Mark said...

I made my girlfriend read that and it brought a smile. Stefon is a favorite. :)