Thursday, August 13, 2015

Top 10 Things Home Buyers Should Not Over-Think

10. Termites and rats.
9. Flood plains.
8. Tornado alley.
7. Dry rot.
6. Cracked foundations.
5. Sink holes.
4. Leaky roofs.
3. Debt to income ratios.
2. Local gang activity.
1. Mortgage rates.

A very small percentage of foolish home buyers have a long history of over-thinking all of these things and other than owning dry, pest-free, safe, well-built, affordable homes, what has it really gotten them?

August 13, 2015
Home buyers, don't over-think the timing of a Fed rate hike

“The looming Fed rate hike is important because it impacts borrowing costs across the entire financial system,” she says, “which means it essentially increases costs of borrowing for mortgages.”

It takes a serious amount of under-thinking to assume that long-term mortgage rates must rise just because the Fed hikes short-term interest rates.

If I got a dollar every year that the "experts" warned us about rising long-term interest rates since 2000, then I might have close to fifteen dollars right now! I kid you not. ;)

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