Friday, August 14, 2015

First World Problem of the Day

August 13, 2015
Grounded: Rich kid burns Ferrari for upgrade?

The son of a Swiss businessman had his day in court this week, after he allegedly set his Ferrari on fire to collect insurance money, Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes reported.

So what's the problem?

1. Your dad only gives you 5,000 to 10,000 euros each month as an allowance? No, that's just a problem.

2. You ran out of money in your account? No, that's just a problem.

3. You hired some arsonists to torch your Ferrari while you were visiting a massage parlor in the hopes of fraudulently stealing from insurance company investors? No, that's just a problem.

4. You got caught? No, that's just a problem.

5. You are out one Ferrari? No, that's just a problem. You still own 14 other cars.

6. You will be doing serious jail time? No, that's not even a problem. It's just arson and fraud. No big deal.

7. You are being ordered to pay three to six months allowance to make this all go away? No, that's just a problem.

8. Your mean, mean judge didn't know how humiliating this all is to you? No, that's just a problem.

9. You can't find your mommy? No, that's just a problem. That said, you really need your mommy! Need her!!

10. You worry that this will disqualify you from being the CEO of a major investment bank, not so much for the fraudulent activity, but rather for the fact that, like an idiot, you were so easily caught? Bingo! That's the problem!! What is a poor little rich kid to do?

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