Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vocabulary Word of the Day: Necessarily

August 18, 2015
GM may import a Buick built in China

But even if GM does start to export Chinese cars to the U.S., that won't necessarily be opening the door to Chinese cars flooding the market here, said Brinley.

The prosecution has laid out a very impressive set of reasons why my client should be found guilty. I'll admit that. There was the hatred my client expressed whenever the victim's name was mentioned, even during this trial. I get that.

There is the smoking gun that was found in his glove box. There are 17 witnesses who saw him pull the trigger. There is the victim's blood that was found on his shirt, pants, and shoes. His fingerprints were found on the victim's eyeglasses. The victim's DNA was found in my client's trunk.

But just because my client bragged about the ease of the kill and the burying of the body during his confession at police headquarters, it doesn't necessarily mean he is guilty. There is still plenty of reasonable doubt!! My client is trustworthy. The body was found in a shallow grave just 50 yards from my client's house, right where my client said it would be!

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