Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Sarcasm Report v.237

August 25, 2015
Cramer: Time to sell your danger stocks

The market is down big so this is clearly the best time to act! Let's sell all 10 of our danger stocks! We've been waiting 15 years! The moment is finally here! Booyah!

February 29, 2000
The Winners of the New World - JIM CRAMER

OK. Here goes. Write them down -- no handouts here!: 724 Solutions (SVNX), Ariba (ARBA), Digital Island (ISLD), Exodus (EXDS), InfoSpace.com (INSP), Inktomi (INKT), Mercury Interactive (MERQ), Sonera (SNRA), VeriSign (VRSN) and Veritas Software (VRTS).

Uh, oh. Things aren't looking good. I used the Google search engine to find the Inktomi ticker symbol but came up empty. I then tried using the Google search engine to find the Inktomi search engine. I figured the vastly superior Inktomi engine could find what Google's engine couldn't. This is what I found.

May 12, 2012
Why Google Beat Inktomi: the Inside Story From Former Engineer

In March 2000 Inktomi had a market cap of $25 billion. Exactly one year later, the stock dropped 99.9 percent. Why?

WTF! I have a very uneasy feeling that we're 15 years too late when it comes to selling Cramer's Winners of the New World, the most dangerous of our danger stocks. Sigh.

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