Thursday, August 27, 2015

Quote of the Day

August 27, 2015
Trump Talks Bush, Bible and White Supremacist Backers

I refer you to the comments:

The problem with america is politically correctness and trying to brainwash, dumb down and controling the minds of the american people. it all starts with the racist mind controlling media. america's elites want a president that they can get in their pockets that is brought and paid for. no other candidates has done what trump has done and that is paid for his own presidential campaigning. trump is a threat to the right and left establishment. both are the same coin but different sizes. the media is so corrupted that now americans are begaining to see that most of what is in the media are all lies , to control the minds of the masses. the media created racism, the media tell you who to like and who to hate. the media uses deceitful charts, graphs, statistics, left leaning experts, scentists, etc to keep americans under control and dumb down. nothing changes for the american people. take the black ghettoes, poor schoolings, mass incarcerations, drugs being dumped in black communiities and liquor stores, broken families, high unemployment, welfare , entitlements, freebie and handouts, etc, all these things are done deliberately by our leaders. this is done to make certain people feel like they made it in society, that they are superior and that black people are inferior. we spend billions of dollars a years on cats and dogs grooming them yet we will not spend a dime cleaning up and buiilding our black communities. trump has exposed them that is in power. that they talk about wantiing to fix america's society but has not done anything but lied to the american people and are going around and round in ciircles like a rat in a cage. the elite media will do all in it's power to destroy trump. because trump is allowing americans to take their power from tyranny. trump knows that the greatest threat to all americans is illegal immigration. america needs a wall , without walls we are unprotected. it is like not locking your front door and it is filled with wealth. illegals are taking americans jobs and keeping down wages, american is filled with illegal aliens problems. welfare and help for the poor should only be temporary, before an illegal alien can get any help they must be in america for one year. no jobs, housing, and any other support for illegal aliens. american must follow the immigration laws that are on the books. but the wall must be build. americans of all races, creed and cultures must stand by mr. Trump with all they got. if america fail mr. Trump america is doomed, it is lost as we know it. mr.trump will go through hell and high water, he will be lied on called a racist, spit on , cursed out, tricked, scorned, try to be manipulated. mr.trump is like christ when he was in the desert for 40 ays, and satan offered him this world. and christ when he was being crucified and all his disciples has betrayed him. we are the disciples and got another change to follow the light. if we lose trump we are doomed and may not get this opportunity again. trump can not be brought. jorge ramo's has sold his soul to the elites. they send him to bring down trump and trump recognized who this demon was. Megin kelly, mc cain, lindsey graham, etc are all brought and paid for demons. trump 2016. - Annie Hall

Woody Allen called. He wants his paragraphs back.

Shame on me. Bad Mark! Bad! Bad!


Stagflationary Mark said...

If "trump is like christ" then christ must have owned casinos. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure she's wrong about most of that - Which frankly, is even think that Trump is our best bet shows you how screwed up the political elite is in the country.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I agree. Unfortunately, the enemy of my enemy is not guaranteed to be my friend. Trump is definitely not my friend. The thought of him running this country sends chills up and down my spine. :(

Anonymous said...

HaHa. It should, but here we are!