Saturday, August 15, 2015

Study: Playing Computer Games Can Reduce Computer Game Addictions

As an avid computer gamer and as one who can therefore easily become addicted to computer games, this study confirms what I long suspected. I need to play more computer games!

August 15, 2015
Playing Tetris Reduces Drug and Other Addictions

In fact, the game itself is so addictive that it could take the place of any other addiction.

It seems that the more you are addicted to any particular computer game, the less time you will have to play all the other addicting computer games.

As for the other addictions they ranged from sex to sleep to playing computer games.

It's true. In 2012, a World of Warcraft computer game addiction permanently cured a 23-year-old man of all of his other unhealthy computer game addictions.

February 4, 2012
Gamers ignore corpse in Internet cafe

About 10 other players were in the cafe, but said they only knew something had happened after the police started cordoning off the area for forensic sweeps, but to the police officers’ surprise, most either stayed in front of their computers and kept on gaming or took little interest.

The thing I like to rationalize most when playing addictive computer games is just how much they enhance my real world situational awareness skills. These skills will be vital if a zombie apocalypse actually occurs, or if I am ever tasked to save the planet as the last starfighter. ;)

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