Thursday, August 13, 2015

Glenn Beck's Pictures of Sin

Tigger is on the left. He passed away many years ago, and since he did not have a human soul it was impossible for him to go to heaven. This made me, as a non-believer in the mainstream religious afterlife, very sad.

Honey is on the right. In an effort to postpone the same ultimate fate for her, and as a sinner with a lack of religious beliefs, I spent many thousands of dollars on surgery and electrochemotherapy to extend her life. That was several years ago. She made a full recovery and currently leads a very happy life. Score one for the agnostics with seriously atheist tendencies. Going straight to hell if you ask me though. Playing God with the help of veterinary professionals like that? Pure evil!

Here is a recent picture of Honey engaging in an amoral act. Sleeping in her sister Cocoa's bed? What kind of incestuous household are we running here?

What's wrong with this picture? Well, for starters Cocoa is willing to put her mouth on balls. What kind of creature can expect to go to heaven after doing that? It's totally uncivilized and barbaric!! So what if she enjoys it! This is not the sort of behavior that should be tolerated! If God had intended her to put her mouth on spiky balls then clearly God would have created man to build spiky ball factories and mass produce them.

If this isn't an example of sin then I don't know what is. Think about it. If God had intended us to pay money to rescue Birdie, a very sick unpopular bird, from a pet store, and nurse her back to health with the help of a local vet over the span of many months, only to have her someday comfortably roost on my hand, then surely God would have made my hand in the image of a perch with four flexible branches and an opposable thumb. Oops. Bad example. Never mind.

This is the kind of amoral irreverent s%^t that you can expect to find living in the Seattle area. I once again urge you to stay away!

And lastly, you'll never guess what I saw on the trail down to the river this evening. Other than the obvious similarities to the Garden of Eden that I always see, there were wild rabbits all over the place. No joke. If I didn't know better, I'd say that Satan must have given them their own book to follow, for they are definitely being fruitful and multiplying. Brought a smile to my face, which is odd given how close I live to the city of sin. I guess I'm just evil like that. :)

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