Monday, August 17, 2015


August 17, 2015
Wall Street's angst shifts back to Fed

Angst doesn't seem so bad. Angstrom has angst in it and it's only one ten-billionth of a meter. In the grand scheme of things, that's nothing. On the other hand, gangster has angst in it too. That's kind of depressing, especially if one is talking about the Fed.

Perhaps we just need to go to the definitive source on the matter to see how much we should worry.

Urban Dictionary: Angst

Rage, rage, my ovaries have exploded. Rage, I like to eat babies. Rage against the machine, my mother slammed me as a baby and now I want her dead. Kitchen. Kitchen full of knives. Shall I eat them, too, or will that give me heartburn? Death. Death...death and manatees. I choose the former, for the latter are slimy to the touch. Rage against the fish, the fish, the blasted salmon that swim upstream. Why can't I do it too?!... Death. Death and monkeys...The first is as fun as a barrel of the second.

Poets have angst. Quite often too much.

by Fax Celestis October 21, 2004

Whew! It's not as bad as I thought. ;)

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